Apply Kajal/Kohl Like a Pro:

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Hi friends, today I give you an idea about how you apply thick,bold long-lasting kajal/kohl like a professional or expert in a simple way. Eyes are sometime says everything,there is no need for any words. Those eyes are more attractive and more gorgeous when women are wearing kajal. Every women love to wear kajal in her eyes to make her eyes more attractive. Indian ladies are incomplete without kajal.
But Wearing kajal perfectly is not a easy task for most of ladies. At first this is also tuff for me to apply kajal perfectly in my eyes. That time I thought this is not my cup of tea. ‘Practice make perfect’ that is very much true for me. Later I learn some tricks to simplify my struggling about wearing kajal.
So that’s why here I am sharing some easy simple tricks and step by step process to solve your problem about how you apply kajal perfectly in your eyes.
1st step:

1st you choose a smudge-proof, long-lasting kajal as your choice. Because in summer there is need some waterproof, longlasting, and smudgeproof make up stuff.
2nd step:

Then you place the eyeliner at your lower water line and apply the Kajal. Then follow the same motion you come to your lower lash line. And thickness of your kajal/kohl in lower lash line is as your choice.
3rd step:
Take a small smudging brush and gently blend your kajal/kohl perfectly because harsh line of kajal look so bad. If you don’t have any smudging brush then you can use earbuds or just your finger tips gently.
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4th step :
After that take some matte black eye-shadow on your smudging brush/ear buds/finger tips and just gently dab it on your kajal/kohl. This matte black eye -shadow make your kajal/kohl smudge-proof, sweat-proof and long lasting.
5th step:
Next close your eye and place your kajal/kohl tips on the upper waterline and apply kajal there for fuller look of your eyes.
Image result for apply kajal on upper water line kajal
or, you pull your eyelids upside by help of your finger and apply kajal on upper water line.
Image result for apply kajal on upper water line kajal
6th step:
Then take any compact or loose powder on the sponge or on the any fluffy brush and place it below the kajal on your lower lash line. Because powder lock your kajal in its place and powder also make kajal smudge-proof, sweat-proof and long-lasting.
That’s the process I follow to make my kajal/kohl thick and bold and also long-lasting and it gives my eyes attractive fuller look.


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