**New** Nykaa Strobe & Glow Liquid Highlighter – Glazed Bronze II Review and Demo

Nykaa a few days back launch the newest product on their makeup range that is Liquid Highlighter. We all know that Nykaa now India’s one of the best beauty brands and also my favourite. This *New* Strobe and Glow Liquid Highlighter is their newest addition and Nykaa always gives us quality products in such a reasonable price. Also, it gives us good discounts on products.

Before going to the detailed review of Nykaa Liquid Highlighter I give you some idea about liquid highlighter in short. And also gives you some useful tips to apply liquid highlighter properly. I know many of my friends do not much familiar with a liquid highlighter. Mainly beginners. Different type of questions arises in your mind about liquid highlighter. I try to clear your doubts.

What is liquid highlighter in makeup?

Ans:   Liquid highlighter also called liquid illuminator. It gives you softer glow. It is good for dry skin. It is a highlighter in liquid form.

What is the difference between liquid highlighter and powder highlighter?

Ans: Liquid highligter is best to create natural, dewy finished look. It also best option for dry skin. It can also used as a body illuminator.

But, powder highlighter is best option for oily skin and can use it on the liquid highlighter for more dramatic longlasting glowy finished look.

All About Nykaa Strobe & Glow Liquid Highlighter – Glazed Bronze:

Price of Nykaa Liquid Highlighter: 699/- for 20 ml of product

Buying Link: Nykaa Strobe & Glow Liquid Highlighter

Shelf Life: 3 years from manufacturing date

Product Description: Meet the ultimate glow creator! Nykaa Strobe & Glow Liquid face highlighter instantly creates that stunning, blinding gleam that we all crave. Never sparkly or sticky, just pure luminescence is what you get with these magic drops. Enriched with gilded pearls to exude that ever-coveted, natural, lit-from-within glow. Our proudly vegan formulation is not tested on animals, just on a bunch of glow getters.

Key Features Of This Nykaa Liquid Highlighter:

  1. Lightweight formula
  2. Non-sticky
  3. Easily blendable
  4. Highly pigmented shade
  5. Dropper applicator for controlled usage
  6. Suits all Indian skin tones


Packaging: It comes in a black cardboard box. All details of the product are mentioned on the box in rose gold colour. The actual product comes under the cardboard box. The actual product comes in a frosted glass bottle with a dropper applicator. This type of dropper packaging gives you total control over your product usage and also wastage of product also. I love this type of packaging. Easily you can carry in your makeup pouch.  

Shades of Nykaa Strobe & Glow liquid Highlighter: Highly pigmented Nykaa Strobe & Glow Liquid Highlighters come in 3 stunning shades to suit all Indian skin tones.

  1. Gold Mine (a sunny bronze shade)It has pure yellow gold pigment suitable for medium to deeper skin tone.
  2. Blushed Moonlight (a pink hue shade): Suitable for fair to medium skin tone with pink or neutral undertone. It has a pink pearl pigment.
  3. Glazed Bronze (a champaign bronzy gold shade): It is a champaign gold colour with a hint of little bronzy colour pigment. Suits all Indian skin tone, especially fair to medium skin tone. I am obsessed with this shade. It compliments my skin.

How To Apply Liquid Highlighter:


Drop a pea-size amount on your ring finger.


Dab the highlighter on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow – wherever you want that instant glow.


Blend using your fingertips or a makeup sponge.

Swatches of New Nykaa Strobe & Glow Liquid Highlighter Glazed Bronze:

My Experience With This New Nykaa Strobe and Glow Liquid HIghlighter:

When I saw Nykaa launch their liquid highlighter at such a good price range, then I can not stop me to buy this liquid illuminator and I am very excited to try this highlighter. I buy shade Glazed Bronze. It is a light bronzy champaign gold colour. This type of shade looks beautiful on every Indian skin tone. This champaign gold highlighter gives you natural-looking dewy finished makeup look. One drop is enough to look like a goddess.

In my opinion, it is the best liquid highlighter in this price. Amazing pigmentation and gives a subtle glow on the skin and looks like real glowing skin. It easily gives tough competition to high-end brands.

Consistency of this Nykaa highlighter is very creamy and thick. However, it blends very easily on the skin and needs just very little quantity to cover the face. That’s why it lasts very long. There is no chunky glitter and I want to say thanks to Nykaa for this wonderful product. It also longlasting and waterproof and its dropper packaging gives you total control how much you use the product. I will recommend it to everyone if they want an instant natural-looking glow.

How I am Use this New Liquid Highlighter:

Sometimes I use this liquid highlighter with my foundation. That means I mixed one to two drops of liquid highlighter with my foundation for a natural dewy finished makeup look.

Or, I use it directly on the high points of my face.

Also, I am using a liquid highlighter with my body lotion and apply it on my body for extra glow. You can use a few drops of liquid highlighter directly on the face before applying foundation. This also gives you nice glowy face and this technique of applying for liquid highlighter works as a face primer.

Applying New Nykaa Liquid Highlighter Glazed Bronze On My Face


Pros And Cons of the New Nykaa Strobe & Glow Liquid Highlighter:


  1. It is free from paraben and SLS
  2. Totally vegan liquid highlighter
  3. It is Cruelty-free
  4. It has no preservative
  5. Dermatologically tested
  6. Gives nice dewy finish
  7. Does not have any chunky glitter
  8. Easily blend on the skin
  9. Very pigmented
  10. Suits all Indian skin tones
  11. Longlasting and Waterproof


  1. The only con for me about this Nykaa Strobe and Glow Liquid Highlighter is, it is a little greasy for oily skin. You need to apply powder highlighter to set this.

Prettifyourself Rating: 4.6/5

Which is your favourite liquid highlighter or if you try this new Nykaa Liquid Highlighter then tell me in the comment section below…

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