Monsoon Hair Care Routine With New Pantene Pro-V Advanced HairFall Solution I Total Damage Care I Shampoo+Conditioner

Hairfall is one of the big problems specially in monsoon due to high-level of humidity and acidic rainwater. In the rainy season, hair becomes frizzy and damaged which results, the roots of the hair becomes weak. Besides that pollution, hair colour, straightening, blow-dryer makes hair more damaged. Especially being a new mom postpartum hair loss or hair loss after delivery is a distressing condition. After delivery hormones in our body alter on a great level which results in hair fall.

For that hair fall and damaged hair, I always look for that one haircare product which helps me to prevent my hair fall, repair all damages of hair and give me the freedom to open my hair. And now the holy grail product for me is New Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Range. Below is the complete review in detail.

What Is New Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Haircare Range?

I hope you all will be very curious to know that what is new in this Pantene shampoo than it’s other hair fall control shampoos. And the answer is – This time Pantene launch it’s more latest, more improved formulation anti-hair fall haircare range and that is Pantene Advanced HairFall Solution with Pro-Vitamin.

This time Pantene has been creating so much effort for their new haircare range. They researched it very well and travelled over a large area and reach a small unknown village in South West China. People of this village belongs from Yao Tribe. All women of this village have an average of 6 feet long hair and fermented rice water is the secret of their long damage-free beautiful Rapunzel hair. They use this ancient haircare formula (fermented rice water) to wash their hair, which reduces hair fall, makes hair shiny and smooth. Also, it helps to hair grow longer.

Yao Tribe Women

The goodness of Fermented Rice Water combined with Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin formula in this Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Range supply proper amino acids and vitamins to hair and that makes hair more immune to fight with all hair problems.

In this Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution shampoos are available in 5 variants. These are:

  1. HairFall Control
  2. Silky Smooth Care
  3. Total Damage Care
  4. Long Black
  5. Lively Clean
  6. Anti Dandruff

All the variants are complete with its Open Hair Miracle and that is an Oil Replacement product or you can say it Leave-In Conditioner.

From this new haircare range, I choose Total Damage Care Shampoo+Conditioner duo for my hair.

Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner Price in India:


  1. MRP ₹60 for 75 ml of product
  2. MRP ₹115 for 180 ml of product
  3. MRP ₹220 for 340 ml of product
  4. MRP ₹450 for 650 ml of product


  1. MRP ₹85 for 85 ml of product
  2. MRP ₹180 for 180 ml of product

About Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Total Damage Care Shampoo:

Packaging: New Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Range’s packaging is slightly different from its previous ranges. The bottle of this Pantene shampoo comes in a beautiful white and golden colour. It secures by a golden colour flip open cap. Name of the product is mentioned on the front side in golden colour. And on backside mentioned ingredients, how to apply, price etc.


Colour & Texture of the Shampoo: The shampoo is pearly white. Besides that, it’s texture is quite runny.

Its a coin-sized amount is enough for my middle length hair.

About Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Total Damage Care Conditioner:

Packaging: Conditioner comes in a beautiful white and gold colour tube packaging. It secures by a flip-top cap. The cap is gold in colour. Overall nice packaging. The shampoo and conditioner both are very bulky in size that’s why it is not travel-friendly.


Colour & Texture of the Conditioner: Consistency of the Pantene conditioner is thick, creamy and white.

I take a coin-sized amount for my middle length hair.

My Hair Care Routine With Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution-Total Damage Care:

1st I apply Parachute Advanced Coconut Cream Oil on my hair and massage it with a light hand on the scalp for 4-5 minutes. Then leave it for 1 hour.

After 1 hour I wash my hair with Pantene Advanced Hailfall Solution (total damage control) shampoo. It washed off all oil, dirt from my hair and scalp.

Then I apply the conditioner of the same haircare range on my hair length and leave it for 3-4 minutes. Then washed off with normal water.

Next, apply hair serum on my towel dry hair.

Tips: Apply hair serum and conditioner always only on hair lenth not in the scalp

Final Word About this New Pantene Advanced Hairfall-Total Damage Control with Pro-Vitamin:

I am impressed this time with this Pantene New advance version hair product. Both shampoo and conditioner smell so good and best for frizzy and damaged hair. My hair feels so soft after using this. You may try this new range of Pantene Haircare.

If you think that your hair fall problem reduces overnight then it’s not doing that. If your hair fall is due to any hormonal problem then it does not help you, then consult with a doctor. If your hair fall or hair damage problem due to pollution, straightening, or hair colour then it repairs your damages very well. And always use heat protector hair serum before applying straighter, dryer etc. Besides that, oiling hair is the must for hair’s health minimum one time in a week.

Only cons for me, this shampoo is not SLS free.

Prettifyourself Rating: 4/5

Share your hair care routine with me in the comment section below, I like to hear your thoughts.

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