Best Contour Highlight Blush Palette Under 500 I Sivanna Colors Pro HD Blusher and Highlighter & Contour Palette Review

In this festival and wedding season we all want to look gorgeous and that’s why we all use makeups. To define our face we are applying blusher, contouring products. Beside that, for more radiant look we are using highlighter on the high points of our face. Highlighter also gives you a beautiful glow on the face. In the market various types of different single blushers, contour products and highlighters are available. But for beginners this is so confusing to buy these makeup products separately and also in this palette under 500 rupees you can get contour powder, blusher and highlighter together. For that reason this Sivanna Colors Pro HD Blusher, Highlighter & Contour Palette is the best option for beginners and also who want to buy affordable and good quality blusher/highlighter/contour product.

Affordable Blush Highlighter Palette:

Today I am reviewing this very affordable Sivanna Colors Pro HD Blusher, Highlighter & Contour Palette. I just loved this palette because it has awesome colours of blushers and highlighters.

Packaging of Sivanna Colors Blusher and Highlighter and Contour Palette:

Packaging wise it looks like Makeup Revolution’s Ultra Blush Palette- Golden Sugar. It comes with a matte black cardboard box. When you open the box you can see the actual product. Packaging of this contour, highlight, blush palette is very convenient and sturdy.  Upper side of this palette, there are a good quality plastic transparent cover. From where you can see the actual product . When you open this cover then you can see there are 8 shades of blusher, highlighter and contour powders. All highlighter shades are placed in the upper row. Blushers and contour shades are in the lower row.

All about Sivanna Colors pro hd blusher and highlighter and contour palette:

7 out of 8 are glittery and just one shade is matte, and that is contour shade. Here all blushers and highlighters are baked. But they has no chunky glitter. There texture is velvety soft. In this palette 3 blusher shades are available. It gives you nice glow with some colours on your cheeks. For that reason, if you want then you can skip highlighter. Blusher shades are peach(it has very mild golden glitter in it), deep pink(silvery glitter has in it) & light pink(it also has  silvery glitter in it but slightly less than other one).

Come to the highlighter part. This is my most favorite makeup product. In this Sivanna Colors Pro HD Blusher, Highlighter & Contour Palette there are 4 shades of highlighter are available : 1st one silvery golden, 2nd shade is peachy kind of, 3rd one is my most favorite shade, a beautiful champagne gold colour and last shade in highlighter is very beautiful bronzy gold colour, this shade is perfect for dusky skin tone. Every shades are very beautiful and also it suits every skin tone.

But in this palette just one contour shade is available. This contour shade is perfect for fair to medium skin tone but for dusky skin tone this shade is not suitable.

If we ignore this only  one downside, then it is just a wonderful palette in budget. All shades are very beautiful.

Pros of Sivanna Colors Bluher,Highlighter and contour Palette:

  1. Easily blendable
  2. Good colour payoff
  3. Not powdery
  4. Glitters are not chunky
  5. Very nice colours
  6. Give nice glow

Cons of Sivanna Colors Bluher,Highlighter and contour Palette:

For contouring  there is just only shade have in this palette. And that is not suitable for deeper skin tone.

My Opinion about this Blusher Highlighter Palette:

It is very versatile palette, you can use it as eyeshadow also. In my opinion it is very good investment for beginners and also who want all in one palette in affordable price.

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