How to Apply Kajal Thick and Bold Without Smudging – Kajal Tricks

Eyes are sometime says everything, there are no need for any words. Those eyes are become more attractive and gorgeous when women are applying  kajal. Every women love to apply kajal in her eyes to make her more attractive. I think women are incomplete without kajal. We all know our Indian diva Kareena Kapoor Khan, how rock her looks with thick, bold, heavy kajal. Personally I love her heavy kohl look for my everyday eye makeup

But applying kajal perfectly in eyes  is not an easy task for most of us. At first this was also tough for me to apply kajal perfectly in my eyes. Later I learn some tricks to simplify my struggle about applying kajal perfectly.
So that’s why here I am sharing some easy simple tricks and step by step process to solve your problem about how you apply kajal perfectly in your eyes.


Step by step tutorial How to Apply Kajal:

1st step: 

First you choose a good quality kajal as your choice, that stay longtime in your waterline. Who have watery eyes, they face big problem with their kohl. Because their kajal or kohl smudge very quickly. That’s why need good quality kohl or kajal. 


I have some kajal/kohl recommendation for you:

Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel PencilNYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye PencilNykaa Rock the line Kajal EyelinerNykaa Eyem24x7 Kajal EyelinerLakme Eyeconic KajalWet n Wild Color Icon Kohl Liner Pencil 


2nd step:

Start by applying the kajal perfectly on the waterline. At first, you place a finger of your hand under the eyes and pull the lower waterline slightly down. Then you place the kajal at your lower water line and apply it. So that you can easily and perfectly apply the kajal on your lower water line.


Apply the kajal start from your outer corner of the lower waterline to the inner corner of the waterline. Then follow the same step if you need. Thickness of your kajal/kohl in lower lash line is as your choice.


3rd step:

Take a small smudging brush and blend your kajal perfectly with gentle hand on your lower lash line (just under your lower waterline). Because perfectly blend kajal look so good in the eyes and harsh line of kajal look so bad.

If you don’t have any smudging brush then don’t worry, you can use earbuds or just your finger tips gently on your lashline and smudge your kajal properly.

after smudging


4th step:

After that, take some matte black eye shadow on your smudging brush/ear buds/finger tips and just gently dab it on your kohl on the lash line. This matte black eye shadow make your kajal/kohl smudge proof, sweat proof and long lasting. Besides that, it also helps to make your kajal more intensify.

after applying matte black eyeshadow on the kajal


5th step:

Next close your eyes and place your kajal/kohl tips on the upper waterline (tightline) and apply kajal to make your eyes look bigger or, you pull your eyelids upside by help of your finger and apply kajal on upper water line (tightline). Most of the time I am using second process to apply kajal on my tightline.

applying kajal on tightline(upper waterline)

6th step:

Then take any compact or loose powder on the makeup sponge or on the any fluffy powder brush and place it below the kajal on your lower lash line. Because powder soak your sweat and makes your kajal sweat proof, that lock your kajal for longtime on waterline. As a result, kajal on your eyes become smudge proof and long lasting.

To complete this look I am applying few coats of mascara on my eye’s upper and lower lashes. This step is totally optional. If yo u don’t want then you can skip mascara.

These are the step by step process I follow to make my kajal/kohl thick, bold and also  smudgeprooflong-lasting and eyes looks bigger and more attractive.

Step by step how to apply kajal


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