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Maybelline White Superfresh Compact Shell Review

Product Review

Hi friends,
Today I came back with an another product review. I am sure you will enjoy it while reading.
Compact or pressed powder is one of the essential and very common makeup product. We all ladies are using it in everyday basis to make our face sweat free,oil free and also set our foundation,concealer. Who don’t know how to do makeup even she also use compact or face powder. Generally, it has light coverage that gives you a flawless matte finish look, sometimes it also gives you some sun protection.
Compact or pressed powder is must have makeup product for them who have oily or combination skin. Today I am finally reviewing Maybelline White Superfresh Compacts Shell(my shade) that is come with Pure Perlite  and SPF 28.

Price: 160/-(2.36 US Dollar) but I bought it at just 120/-(1.77 US Dollar)

Expiry Date: 13/02/20

Buying link: Nykaa.com, Amazon.in


Maybelline White Superfresh Compact


Outer Packaging: This powder comes with a white cardboard box. Front-side of the box mentioned the product name that is Maybelline NewYork White Superfresh with Perlite and has SPF 28. Also mentioned it’s shade (My shade is Shell) and 12 hr Whitening + Freshness Compact.
Backside of the cardboard box mentioned same as shade, product name. Along with this, also mentioned : How to use, Ingredients, Price, Expiry date etc.

Inner Packaging: This powder comes with a small and slick round white plastic case and it looks very classy. It contains following stuffs: a powder puff, a mirror and pressed powder. The powder also covered by a transparent plastic sheet for extra protection.

Maybelline White Superfresh Compact packaging


What Maybelline Claimed?

Maybelline White Superfresh Compact claimed that it has unique pure mineral ingredients that is Perlite, it visibly lightens complexion while absorbing sweat and oil. It also have SPF 28 / PA+++ that protects from sun damages and darkening. Last but not the least, it claimed that it gives you 12 hr Fair, Fresh, and Perfect Complexion look. Also the product is Dermatologically tested.


It has 4 shades that matches most of the skin tones.
The shades are:

  • Pearl= for fair skin-tone
  • Marble= for fair to medium skin tone (this is in pink undertone)
  • Shell= for fair to medium skin tone (this is in yellow undertone, best for most of the Indian skin tones)
  • Coral= for medium to dusky skin-tone
Maybelline White Superfresh Compact Shades

image source: nykaa.com

How I am using this Maybelline Compact:

In daily basis I prefer to use powder puff which is included with this product. But sometimes I also use powder brush to use this.

  • Appling Tricks of Compact Powder:

This tricks works on me very well. When you use compact powder on your face with powder puff, try to use it with patting motion for best result. Because if you rubbing your puff on your face that transfer your foundation/concealer and also it makes your powder puff dirty. If you want, then follow this tricks definitely. I hope this tricks also work for you.

Compact powder applying tips


I selected Maybelline White Superfresh Compact Shell in the shade, this shade is in slightly yellow undertone. This compact gives you a matte finish and blends easily. Don’t look powdery. Stays upto 3 to 4 hours.


My Experience with Maybellin White Superfresh Compact:

First of all, This particular compact of the Maybelline brand is very affordable and as well as also very good quality. This is the best compact powder I have ever used. It gives you a nice coverage in bare face also. See the difference below in the picture with and without using this compact in bare face. It gives you a instant matte, flawless finish and brighten up your face.

Apply maybelline superfresh compact

Secondly, the outer packaging is really very classy and elegant in white plastic case.



Overall My Opinion about this Maybelline White Superfresh Compact:

When you looking for a budget-friendly, good quality compact powder and also if you want that your face powder gives you some coverage and also protect your skin from sun rays for regular use and as well as also for special occasions. Then definitely Maybelline White Superfresh Compact is this which fulfill your all desire needs. Also must have product for beginners and college going girls.
Definitely try this friends 🙂



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