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How to Make Your Own Aloevera DIY Makeup Primer for All Skin Types

Before starting today’s topic of aloevera do it yourself makeup primer,

1st question may arise in our mind that why should we make our face primer at home?

The answer is : At a time it gives you sun protection, even skin tone, smooth base, glowy bright face and also moisturize your face.


First I am giving you some idea about Makeup Primer. Face Primer is a base that makes your face surface smooth and that helps to blend foundation smoothly, that means face primer gives you a smooth surface for applying foundation. Face Primer always need to apply before applying foundation or base makeup. In market there are many types of face primer are available: gel, cream & water base etc. Gel base and Water base face primer is good for oily skins and also good in hot humid weather to make your makeup longlasting. And cream base is good for dry skin and also best in cold dry weather.




In the market online or off line on both various kinds of face primers are available. But they are so pricey. Sometime we may not able to purchase those pricey primers. Also, in market many affordable face primers are available but it may not safe for our skin sometime, maximum time it’s harmful for our skin. That’s why today I am sharing with you an easy process to make your own DIY makeup primer at home with very easily available, affordable ingredients.


Key Features of Homemade Face makeup Primer:
  1. Absorb excess oil and sweat
  2. Make your makeup longlasting
  3. Fills your pores
  4. Hide fine lines
  5. Good substitute of professional face primers
  6. Silicon free


Step by Step DIY Face Primer Making Process:

  •  Aloevera Gel has non greasy formula that’s why it controls excess oil and sweat. Also it heals skin  problem and it can reduce fine lines. Aloevera absorbed very quickly into the skin and makes our skin cell hydrate and that’s why skin became bright.



  • Face cream or lotion or any moisturizer it makes your skin moisturized. Dry skin make your makeup patchy. That’s why we need proper moisturizerization. You choose your moisturizer according to your skin types.



  • Foundation/Tinted Moisturizer gives you even tone and also hide fine lines.


  • Loose Powder/Compact control excess oil and sweat. If you have extremely dry skin then you skip this ingredients.


  • Sunscreen is for extra sun protection. If you use this face makeup primer in the day time then you need some extra sun protection to protect your skin from harmful sun ray. if you use SPF foundation or moisturizer then you can skip this ingredients.


  • Clean empty container for storage.


Step 1:

First,you take a clean and clear container and take 1 table spoon aloevera gel and 1 table spoon moisturizer. That means 1:1 ratio of aloevera gel and moisturizer I am taking into the container. Here I a using Patanjali Saundarya Aloevera Gel and Lotus Sheamoist Moisturizer. I am in Normal to Combination skin type group. My T zone oily but overall face is dry, And  I don’t want my base makeup look cakey. That’s why I am using this Lotus moisturizer,its good for normal to dry skin. But if you have oily or acne prone skin then you definitely use oil free moisturizer.

Step 2:

In 2nd step add few drops foundation or tinted moisturizer. To get some extra glow I am adding two products together : First added 2 to 3 drops Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation and then added Oriflame Veryme Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow

Tips : If you want more glow on your face or you want illuminating face primer then you add 2 to 3 drops strobing cream or liquid illuminator.


Step 3:

In 3rd step I am adding little bit sunscreen because I want some sun protection on my primer. Because in day time need some sun protection to protect skin from harmful ray’s of sun. Here I am using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ sunscreen.

Tips : If you use foundation with SPF then It is not necessary to add sunscreen.


Step 4:

Next, added some loose powder. If you don’t have loose or translucent powder then you can use any compact powder or face powder which is easily available for you. Here I am using Lakme Rose Powder (shade-pink).


Step 5:

Then mixed all the ingredients properly into the container with the help of the spoon. After mixing it you can see it looks like a whipped cream.


And this is for your kind information that the colour of the primer may be vary on your ingredients that what you used. For example, if you used yellow based foundation then your primer look little bit in yellow tone. If you choose white translucent or loose powder then your primer’s colour will be in whitey kind of.

Here I am using Lakme Rose Powder in the shade pink, that’s why my primer’s colour is look like rose pink kind of.


How It’s Used:

Cleanse your face properly and pat dry your face with towel. After that take coin size amount of this primer and apply it gently all over your face and neck. Apply the primer to the center of your face and use gentle, circular motions to blend it outwards and leave it for 2 to 3 min and it’s totally absorbed into your skin and make your face surface smooth, even and bright. Then you can easily apply and blend your foundation and concealer. It’s give you a flawless base for your makeup. Do not forget to apply makeup primer around the eyes.



Longevity of Homemade DIY Face Makeup Primer: 

In my opinion you make it in small amount and store it in a cool place. You can be used it upto 10 to 15 days.


Final Result:



I hope this will be helpful for you. I recommend it to try this. If you  try this DIY recipe then share your experience in the comment section below. You can also give me new ideas of any DIY recipes.

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